Cæcilie Overgaard is an electronic composer with an inquisitive approach to completely mundane sounds. She creates electro-acoustic music that explores the borderland between the synthetic, the acoustic, and the organic.

In her electro-acoustic sonic universe, the listener is presented with modulated everyday sounds, synthesizers, crackling beats, and acoustic instruments that blend together in evocative soundscapes, all the while a bass drum steadily catches the rhythm of the heart.

In October 2015, she released her debut album Lydbølgen af hjerteslag - an album carrying an imaginative, experimental approach to everyday sounds and sound manipulation, along with captivatingly profound melodies, melancholia, and energetic beats.

The debut stirred interest and laid the groundwork for a number of different audio-visual and cross-disciplinary collaborations within performance and installation art, ultimately bringing her to the record label Clang where she released her sophomore album in December 2018, entitled There Is a Home.

Cæcilie Overgaard is a Master student of electronic music and sound art at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Cæcilie Overgaard