Cæcilie Overgaard is an electronic composer with an inquisitive approach to completely mundane sounds. She creates electro-acoustic music that explores the borderland between the synthetic, the acoustic, and the organic.

In her electro-acoustic sonic universe, the listener is presented with modulated everyday sounds, synthesizers, crackling beats, and acoustic instruments that blend together in evocative soundscapes, all the while a bass drum steadily catches the rhythm of the heart.

In October 2015, she released her debut album Lydbølgen af hjerteslag - an album carrying an imaginative, experimental approach to everyday sounds and sound manipulation, along with captivatingly profound melodies, melancholia, and energetic beats.

The debut stirred interest and laid the groundwork for a number of different audio-visual and cross-disciplinary collaborations within performance and installation art, ultimately bringing her to the record label Clang where she released her sophomore album in December 2018, entitled There Is a Home.

Cæcilie Overgaard is a Master student of electronic music and sound art at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

The press on her album There Is a Home:

"Overgaard’s style is this quizzical light/dark world, offering an atmosphere soaked in broad signature strokes, short patterns of poppy electronics and smoothing drones. On Skyggeplet the velvet vocal of Hammerstrøm is only featured sparsely but with a music box style, and all other effects in place, materializes like a lullaby with hints of Sigur Rós." TJ Norris, Toneshift
"An excellent release to settle things down to, comforting enough to firm up your mood like a warm hot chocolate but intricate and detailed enough to hold your attention as well. It’s very Winter-friendly." Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K.
"The Danish artist Cæcilie Overgaard plays with sounds in the same way as you do a puzzle, by putting organic and electronic pieces together with an intelligence relating to the deep inner, the listener is brought to a room where everything for a moment stands still." Roland Torres, SilenceAndSound
"Title track "There Is A Home" provides heartfelt melancholia and yearning paired with a stripped down Future Jazz attitude." baze.djunkiii, nitestylez.de
"It's a beautiful piece of music where you actually might feel the coziness, melancholy and balance between what's inward and outward." Hubert Heathertoes, Felt Hat Reviews
"The sounds of household appliances, trumpet and synthesizers are in constantly uninterrupted beauty." Frank P. Eckert, Groove
"The sound landscapes that Cæcilie creates are fragile, sometimes warm and far from everyday." Paul Van de Gehuchte, Dark Entries
"With individual vocals, occasionally appearing beats and pleasant surfaces, the music of Cæcilie Overgaard seems more like discovered than created." Michael Bohli, ARTNOIR

On her work on the VELCRO theater performance:

"The music I want to praise. The different tracks compliment the stage well and center around the Velcro sound. Such a score does a lot for the whole." Jacob Riegels, Ungt Teaterblod
"Kudos as well to the sound design, which was very moving and incredibly well-composed. It undoubtedly helped lift the performance and weave the little narratives together." Nicolai Duckert Perrild, Den 4. Væg
Cæcilie Overgaard