There Is a Home © ℗ 2018 Clang

There Is a Home

An electro-acoustic album that presents a sonic universe of modulated everyday sounds, synthesizers, crackling beats and a soft trumpet that blends smoothly with the electronic soundscapes, all the while the bass drum steadily catches the rhythm of the heart. On this album, the sound of an engine is modulated to a sonorous marimba and a plastic bag from the local supermarket to a soft snare drum.

Released in December 2018 on Clang.

Lydbølgen af hjerteslag © ℗ 2015 Cæcilie Overgaard

Lydbølgen af hjerteslag

An album carrying an imaginative and experimental approach to everyday sounds and sound manipulation, along with captivatingly profound melodies, melancholia, and energetic beats. The debut stirred interest and laid the groundwork for several audio-visual and cross-disciplinary collaborations within performance and installation art.

Self-released in October 2015.